Disciple EP

by JohnXMcClane

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released April 24, 2014

Recorded/Mixed/Mastered by Jason Frye at Son of Sun Studios.



all rights reserved


JohnXMcClane Margate, UK

JohnXMcClane is a south east 4 piece powerviolence band.

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Track Name: Roscoe's Bottle
Spill my blood on frozen trees,
Swinging rope, bloody knees.
Pray for death, just give me peace.

My veins are blocked with fucking dust.
You never cared.
I'm fucking lost.

My crippled mind is fucking reeling.
Keep on playing, I'll keep on bleeding.
Track Name: Hot Piss
I wish I had a fucking answer,
This fucking hate is like a cancer.
So I can live my fucking life,
And not be scared of every day.

My head will break.
My chest will ache.
Track Name: Krokodil Hangover
The sun goes goes down,
I'm not alone.
My friends don't sleep.
The darkness is my enemy,
He plagues my dreams.

I'm crying out.

I cry for the sun,
The blackened sky plays with my mind.
It makes me fucking bitter,
I lose myself, I'm losing time.

These tortured hands,
Tortured hands will keep me down.

Too dark to fucking see.
No breathe to fucking scream.
I loath his company.
I feel a change in me.
Track Name: Disciple
I will take this wandering eye,
Pin it to your shaking voice.
Drive a stake into my wrist,
Declare myself your Jesus Christ.
Track Name: K
Losing who I am,
I'm cut up, I'm cut up.
I'm pieces in your hand,
I'm lost, fucking and I'm out of time.
Track Name: Lies
Cracks and fucking screams,
Spitting from your arteries.
I can hear you grieve,
It fills my mind with vicious things.

Blackened tongue,
Splintered vision,
You will never fucking listen.

I can see you fucking seething,
I won't share the air you're breathing,
Dripping poison in the ear,
Of all your precious loves and dears.
Force fed all your twisted words,
Fucking sick, you fucking curse.

I'm sick,
But I'm not,
Guilty of this anymore.
I'm sick,
But I've got,
Another way out of this life.